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Litte Explorers
0-20 months

Our little explorers room is carpeted with lots of bright colours, many stimulating toys, and various  equipment is used daily i.e. Ball pool, tunnels etc. It's well equipped with a changing area, sleep area with cots, and each child/baby will be given clean bedding that is laundered weekly. A member of staff is always present when the babies/toddlers are sleeping

Tortum Waterfalls

20-30 months

We work to each child's individual needs and routines. We encourage and promote independence, in all age groups, selecting their own cups, water bottles , bedding, choice of toys, hand washing, teeth brushing, toileting, dressing and undressing!  All meals are cooked from scratch daily by our cook, all ingredients are fresh produce and menus are catered to meet the needs of individuals, cultures, and dietary requirements on a 4 week menu that is rotated. 

Our large room is divided into two - they are cosy and well staffed to give each child as much individual attention as possible, but also to enable them to interact with their peers and adults. 

All staff are qualified and they are experienced and caring to all, thus ensuring your child will feel secure and content in a warm, friendly, relaxed atmosphere, leaving you to feel happy and confident when leaving your baby/toddler with us.

30-60 months

Beautiful Landscape
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