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Welcome to Bluebell Day Nursery, Eltisley

A small friendly home from home day nursery, in Eltisley, St Neots,  that is registered for 31 children each day ages 0-5 years.

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FREE Taster Session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

Feels like home

We are a small friendly home from home day nursery that is registered for 31 children each day ages 0-5years. We are open 51 weeks of the year, open at 8am and close at 6pm Monday to Friday! 

We have 3 rooms:

​Little explorers 0-20months

Navigators 20-30months

Mountaineers 30-60months

Our ages in our rooms are a guideline , as we aim to meet the individual needs of each child’s ability and development!

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Vibrant & fun

We as a setting will utilise our space wisely each day to meet the needs of staff attendance and children booked in! 

We work to each child's individual needs and routines. 

We encourage and promote independence, in all age groups, selecting their own cups, water bottles, bedding, choice of toys, hand washing, teeth brushing, toileting, dressing and undressing! 

We promote heath and hygiene practices to a high standard, such as hand washing before meals, after outdoor play and activities! 

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Claim your free taster session

It is very important that as our prospective parent, you are able to make an informed decision before selecting the right setting for your child.

A setting that  that consistently delivers quality care in a friendly, stimulating environment. 

To help you assess whether our setting is right for your child, we invite to come for a show round , followed by a free trial session for a time that is mutually convenient for you and your child to spend a few hours with us to see how we do things. 

Your no obligation taster session is around 2-3 hours, depending on your child’s age.

Please note that our Nurseries would be unable to book sessions during our busy lunchtimes (between 12pm and 2pm).

To claim your free taster session, please download, fill out, and return this form.

Fun & Safe

Safeguarding practices and risk assessments are carried out in all we do in our day to day running of the setting! 

All meals are cooked from scratch daily by our cook, all ingredients are fresh produce and menus are catered to meet the needs of individuals, cultures, and dietary requirements on a 4 week menu that is rotated. 


We have many fun activities and themes we work to throughout the year and we have an input from parents and children to help us with our themes. 

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Our family of nurseries:

All our nursery environments are safe, with plenty of opportunities to learn and play. Our experienced and dedicated staff ensure that the children continue their development journey with enthusiasm and love of learning.

Our nursery environments are beautifully presented and offer a homely and personal environment when children are encouraged to thrive.

When your child joins us, our teams are committed to giving all of the care and interaction they need to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

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